i’m kind of sad that i’m leaving sabinas tomorrow. but i’m also enthusiastic about some things that happened and things i learned these days and nights. i’ve organized my projects and i’m going back to saltillo with clearer a purpose when it comes to the things i want to work on the rest of the year. most of them involve my hometown in one way or another1, as i think i’ve already said: a short stories collection, a series of writing workshops, a book about regional music and a collaboration about baseball are all situated here. i want them all to happen but i have to organize myself if want them to.

i didn’t want to turn this post into the self-conscious post that abound on the internet by talking about how much i want to write more. i’ll just do it, then.

yesterday i drank some clamato but i haven’t worked on tidal music in over a month. well, i haven’t done that much music in the last few weeks. i’m too focused on writing right now.
what is that sound i hear when i try to sleep? there is a way for past to come and try to grab you with the cheapest lure: nostalgia. and i’m a sucker for nostalgia. so, yeah, good part of my motivation comes from that feeling. that said, most of my artistic work comes from nostalgia: why deny the places i come from?

  1. a year ago i was living in sabinas. i lived at my childhood home with nona; watched twin peaks, better call saul, the leftovers; listened to pond, radiohead, rachmaninoff, tame impala, bach, richard skelton, the war on drugs, the chromatics, jimi tenor; played torment: tides of numenera, brogue, tales of maj’eyal, the beginner’s guide; made new friends, had fun; wrote a lot and learned tidalcycles; i bought mason jars and drank iced tea (a lot of iced tea [nothing fancy: zuko. powder. it was nice, though, and it is the flavor i immediately relate with me watching twin peaks and nona sleeping by my side.]). i tried to break free from chains that exist mostly in my head.