i’m in sabinas right now. i’m on what at my abue’s home is called “the last room”. here there used to be an old bed, belonging to either my father or my uncle (this was their room), a bookcase and a washing machine. since more than a year ago it’s also where my abue’s hospital bed is installed, next to the old bed where i’m writing this. she’s been trying to sleep but something in her mouth disconforts her and she hasn’t been able to get good sleep. she is fine and today we are taking her to la casona to celebrate día de las madres, mother’s day, which in méxico was celebrated last thursday.

been working on express 57, my book on pakistán records. sometimes i feel insecure, being my first serious literary project. at least the first one enterily mine. anyway, i’m working on a timeline and a list of key persons. most of the texts are somewhere between outlined and finished. i’ve got artwork from the albums mentioned in the story and even some music.
rereading some of the texts i feel confident of their quality. i might post some samples here one day. they are in spanish.

talking about samples, i started working again with renoise. what a beautiful piece of software. there are many things i just took for granted when using ableton live exclusively that just can’t be done in renoise. and viceversa, which is why i’m so interested in renoise. the sample manipulation tools in renoise are amazing, specially when it comes to really mangling and destroying your samples… which is something i’d like to do more.

i made some adjustements to the blog, just to have less files in the website.

things i’ve been enjoying